Healthy living {number one}

Some people state that you are what you eat. They're right! The last couple years weren't the most healthy years of my life. Food became just food and I didn't think about the difference between "bad-" and "good" food. That results were very clear. I got physical symptoms like headaches, nausea and stomach aches. To top it off: I didn't even exercise a bit (except biking, but that's quite normal here in the Netherlands). It was time to change my bad habit..


Oh mrs. MK...

Oooh, how I wish I possessed your entire wardrobe! I would be strutting (walking just doesn't do justice with an outfit like that) down the streets with the most fabulous clothes, bags and shoes. By the way, I would also borrow your hubby and kid for the day. As you seem to be one of the kindest persons ever: I'm sure you wouldn't mind, right...?

Can you guess which Stylefluential celeb I'm talking about, without peaking after the break?


My life through Instagram

My week started with a lot of working, but ended with vacation! I'm free for three weeks so that means I will have a lot of spare time! So I hope I will be able to give you a more diverse view next time!
1. Yoghurt with fresh fruit at Screaming Beans // 2. Our little new roommate // 3. Corona in the sun // 4.  A bar with a really nice interior // 5. Learning for my drivers license theory exam // 6. And with result, I passed the exam: whoop whoop! // 7. A banana/strawberry snack <3 // 8. Coco water, I love it! // 9. I visited the beach for the first time this year // 10. And the next day again.. // 11. Me on the beach with my new sunglasses // 12. A compilation of my beach day: sun, water and a Mojito!

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Ones to watch

Sorry for the lack of updates the last couple days! I am really enjoying the sunny weather in Amsterdam. If you are Dutch or ever have been in The Netherlands you'll know what I mean... The sun rarely shows its face out here...

But there are some blogs I would like to share with you in this new section: Ones to watch. I'll select three blogs that are relatively unknown and which I believe are worth to put in your reading list.

If you believe your blog should be featured in this section, leave a comment with a link to your blog. Maybe you'll find yourself in the next 'Ones to watch'.

Lets kick-off of the first edition!

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Super Superga


Some of them are great, others are less. I am talking about Superga shoes. Where I still dispuise the the low sole (boring) shoes, I SUPERLOVE the platform sneakers they sell. They can be combined with anything! Pants, skirts or shorts? No biggie!


Queen B: Stylish, talented & Bea-u-tiful

No, this post isn't about Gossip Girl, it's about... (before clicking further, try to guess who this could be)


My sunny Sunday

Some days are just unexpectedly good. I didn't plan anything this sunday, but when I woke up I felt like going out. So I decided to call my friends and ask them what they're up to. And this is where we ended up.

Vintage per kilo is an event that is hosted once a year. The concept is: there are no price tags, you pay per kilogram. I was curious and didn't know what to expect. After cycling a few kilometers (because I got lost) I finally arrived. I can't say I was really enthusiast about most of the clothing, but I did manage to find a great leather jacket for fifteen euros! I will show you later.