Healthy living {number one}

Some people state that you are what you eat. They're right! The last couple years weren't the most healthy years of my life. Food became just food and I didn't think about the difference between "bad-" and "good" food. That results were very clear. I got physical symptoms like headaches, nausea and stomach aches. To top it off: I didn't even exercise a bit (except biking, but that's quite normal here in the Netherlands). It was time to change my bad habit..

'Healthy food' is a topic I've been studying the previous 7 months, and I'm not shy to say that's the best thing I've ever done! By reading two Dutch books I, for example, learned that (refined) sugar is toxic and the reasons why it is. I'm a very sceptic person, so I used myself as a test subject for my own study: eliminate sugar from my "diet". And my conclusion is that no sugar equals:

- More energy
- A way better skin
- No cravings

But lets save that topic for another post and get back to my story. My main point is: it works for me so I'm sticking to my beliefs about healthy food. I don't believe in dieting at all. Dieting for me is equal to restrictions and limitations. I don't function if I feel limited/restricted. It will only make me crave the forbidden more. 

I began my healthy life by following these tips:

1. Eat mainly unprocessed food like fresh fruit and vegetables, organic eggs and nuts/dried fruits etc. 
2. Add some Superfoods to your "diet".  There are many sources of vitamins, anti-oxidants, minerals etc. that we don't find in our supermarkets nowadays. What Superfood you use depends on your needs. I personally love wheat grass, camu camu, Inca berry's, Mulberry's and Chia seeds.
3. Limit your (unnatural) sugar intake! Sugar (refined or unrefined) is really not useful for anything.
4. Drink NO Soda. Seriously, the taste is not worth the downside of this pure evil poison (that's a little bit over exaggerated but you get what I mean). If you want to drink Soda, try mixing 3/4 glass of sugar with a bit water. That's kind of the same thing..
5. Replace simple carbs with complex carbs. That means spelt/whole wheat pasta, brown rice and sweet potato instead of white pasta, white rice and ground potatoes. It's even better to cut back on carbs, but this is a great way to start reducing your intake.

But most of all:

6. No food is forbidden! You CAN consume anything, you're just CHOOSING not to. One piece of cake a week doesn't make you fat, just like one work out doesn't make you skinny.

I know lots of people are very sceptic about these Superfoods, 801010 lifestyles and protein rich diets because they're hyped. The only thing I have to say about that: isn't that the best hype ever?!
I can tell you about the benefits of healthy eating, and try to convince you as if I'm selling a Tell Sell product, but the only way you'll find out is by giving it the benefit of the doubt and just try it out!

What do you do to keep your body healthy? Please let me know in the comments below :)!

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  1. Klinkt heel lekker allemaal en het ziet er ook nog eens lekker uit!