My sunny Sunday

Some days are just unexpectedly good. I didn't plan anything this sunday, but when I woke up I felt like going out. So I decided to call my friends and ask them what they're up to. And this is where we ended up.

Vintage per kilo is an event that is hosted once a year. The concept is: there are no price tags, you pay per kilogram. I was curious and didn't know what to expect. After cycling a few kilometers (because I got lost) I finally arrived. I can't say I was really enthusiast about most of the clothing, but I did manage to find a great leather jacket for fifteen euros! I will show you later.

The weather was surprisingly good, so we decided to sit on a terrace near the water and had some drinks and food.

Spontaneously we decided to go to a little festival on the other side of Amsterdam. We thought we found a shortcut, but unfortunately the ferry only sails during weekdays. So we of course got lost again, and ended up cycling for about an hour (around 15 kilometers) before reaching our destination. But luckily it was definitely worth it. The atmosphere was cozy and relaxed. There was a lounge area and a dance area. Ofcourse we decided to dance in the sand (yes, I imagined myself on the beach). For more information about this festival, visit their website.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Wat gaaf dat event! Kende het nog niet, en jammer dat ik nu een jaar moet wachten, haha.

  2. nice place !! looking great event