Crazy cat lady and her friend

Me and my roommates decided it was time for a new addition to our house. We live in a appartment in the city centre and don't have a balcony, nor a garden. We decided to get a cat. He was born on April 1st (no this is not a very belate April's fool), in a nest of four. We immediatly fell in love with him. We had to wait for about 10/11 weeks, but we finally have him now!  His name is Mo and he's the cutest little monster ever. He never gets tired, he loves his mouse toys and shoes too (just like me)! We bought him a shitload of toys, and I'm very please to pronounce that he actually plays with them! That's too my surprise because most pets (and kids) often like the package of the toy more than the toy itself.
Do you have any pets or Any tips/suggestions on how to raise a kitten?

With love,
Crazy cat lady

PS. More photos will follow soon, I promise ;-).

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