Please be my Frend

I always destroy my headphones.. It's sad but true. I've broken my headphones in every part you can imagine: the jack, the cable, the headband and one time I even managed to rip one ear cushion off. It involved a bike, a little bit of laziness and a lot of recklessness.

So finally, a few months ago I gave up and decided to stick to the earplugs that came with my phone. I can tell you the sound isn't to great and that kind of bugs me. Then I stumbled upon this beauty, and I am intrigued by the amazing design. Though I've sworn of headphones, for this baby I wouldn't mind making an exception and give it another chance..

Headphone: Frends

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Wauw, dat is zonder twijfel de mooiste koptelefoon die ik ooit heb gezien!

  2. Ja dat vind ik ook! Ik ben helemaal verliefd..