Affordable Mulberry

I don't really like Sale time like most of us do. Don't get me wrong, I love discount but I hate grabbing into piles and piles of clothes, among 20 other persons. It's a shame because you can find some pretty good stuff for a lower price. Luckily internet shopping solved this problem, and now it's possible to do some sale shopping without spending hours in line, fighting with other people over the same item and getting irritated over all the people that are walking in your way. When I received a e-mail from Mulberry (yes I love torturing myself with stuff I can't afford) I initially threw it away. Yeah right, sale at Mulberry's. They'll probably have "good" deals .. I could imagine the headline: "NOW, this pretty wonderful bag in sale! From €2000 to €1999!" But as I mentioned, I love to torture myself, so I actually put the mail back in the inbox and opened it...

And what a surprise! Though the prices aren't still really in my range, they actually know how sale works. Those gorgeous bags I'm always lusting for, became a little more affordable for my wallet. Sadly I just transferred a ridiculously amount of money to my driving instructor, as I just started my driving lessons (yes, soon I will be legally driving a car, beware!). So I won't be buying a (designer)bag in the near future. I chose my favorite ones for you though, just to help you out!

You can visit the Mulberry sale here

PS. Ok, I want to make a confession. It still stings me that with the amount of money I just paid my driving instructor I could have bought a Chanel 2.55 (one of the bags on my wish list, next to the Mulberry Bayswater). That thought was spinning in my head while I was banking online. I almost pressed the cancel button and ran of to the Chanel store, but 'luckily' I came to my senses and did what was for the best.
Alexa Soft buffalo now €690 (instead of €1150)

Mulberry Bayswater Burnt Peach Smooth matte  now €805 (instead of €1150)

Mulberry Effie Hobo now €630 (instead of €900)

medium cecily with mint classic calf (how cute is this bag!!) now €960 (instead of €1600)

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  2. Lovely bags, great post for those who love designer bags :)


  3. De Mulberry Bayswater in cognac bruin is echt perfect! :D

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