Shake it: work-out time!

So, after a long time doubting about whether to buy this or not, I finally did it. I bought myself a big jar of protein shake powder. It's kind of against my beliefs, I love to have everything natural! But currently I am visiting the gym 5 days a week to do a little cardio & a lot of weight lifting. Progression keeps me motivated, so it satisfies me to see that I'm lifting more weight every few weeks. But the downside is that training five times a week doesn't leave much days for resting. That's why I will be using protein shakes in the upcoming months, to see what effect it has on my body. I decided to buy the weightloss version because this could be used as a substitute for a meal. That would be ideal, as I often work-out in the evening, and therefor get hungry quite late.
(I also bought me some vitamin supplements, because I hadn't spent enough to get a free shaker with my order.. Good reasoning, right?)

The powder is white, even though it is ought to taste like a cappucino milkshake.

I decided to mix it with Almond milk because I don't use a lot of dairy nowadays. I put the powder and the milk in my new shaker, which I got for free. The iron ball needs to be put in the shaker, this will make the shake dissolve better.

My findings: The taste wasn't too bad, though it is kind of sweet. That might be my fault too because the almond milk is sweet as well, so it might be the combination. I would definetly recommend to mix this with water instead of milk. I will have to get used to the structure of the shake, I'm thinking about putting more water in then they recommend. I really would like it to be more liquid and colder so I'm planning to try to mix it in the blender with some icecubes. I wasn't hungry after drinking this, so that's a good one. No binging in the evening for me!

Do you use proteinshakes? Do you have any tips and trics I should know?

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