Superfoods explained #1 // Goji berries

I thought it would be a nice to start a new section on my blog called: Superfoods explained! We've all heard a lot about these so called "Superfoods" but there are so many of them that we literally get lost in the web of information. So this section is for the Superfood beginners that would like to know more about them in a blink of an eye. The first Superfood that will be discussed is: Goji berries!


The Goji berry mostly grows in Asia and Eastern Europe. They officially have the status of a Superfood. You can use them dries or fresh.

First of all they're full of anti-oxidants, amino acids and minerals. They even contain more Vitamin C than an orange!

Using Goji Berries may:
- prevent the growth of cancer cells
- prevent your body from premature aging
- maintains healthy blood pressure
- improves your memory
- helps you lose weight
- Asian people even believe that eating Goji berries extends your life!

You can use them in your yoghurt, in your cereals, in a shake or even in a salad. They taste kind of sweet/bitter in my opinion. Just variate and try. Every person has his/her own taste preferences.

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