Break-up songs

Breaking up isn't easy, but sometimes it's for the best. You can consider it as a sot of grieve and getting over this happens in a few phases. For me this are the phases I've been through so far:

Phase 1: Shock (did I just really do this?)
Phase 2: Denial (maybe we'll get back together again)
Phase 3: Cry
Phase 4: Still crying!
Phase 5: Acceptance (well, at least the illusion of..)
Phase 6: cry again (realizing the acceptance was fake..)
Phase 7: Trying to move on..and accept the feelings you're having instead of fighting against them

I think I'm in n Phase 7 now, or is it really phase 5?
Anyways, I think most of you might recognize the following case. EVERY love song reminds me of....me! But seriously, did everybody go through the same pain or what's the deal? It seems like every songwriter knows your struggle and decided to write a song about it. But those songs can be very helpful too. Especially if your ex-boyfriend is a ex-hole. Unfortunately there are a lot of them out there! I broke up recently with my boyfriend, but luckily he's definitely not a ex-hole! I've been listening a lot of break-up songs lately and I decided to share them with you. So, ladies and gentlemen, I'm introducing to you the very first and special ZoĆ« and Jill break-up playlist! Enjoy!


1. Aly & AJ - break up song
2. Bon Iver - I can't make you love me
3. Everything from Adele's album 21
4. Natalie Imbruglia - Torn
5. Gotye - Somebody That I used to know
6. Toni Braxton - Man enough for me
7. Pink - So what
8. Beyonce - Best Thing I Never had
9. Jojo - get out
10. Toni Braxton - It's not right but it's okay
11. Lily Allen - Smile
12. Fleetwood mac - Go your own way
13. Taylor Swift - We are never getting back together
14. No Doubt - Don't Speak
15. Lauryn Hill - The ex-factor
16. Breakin' Up: The Music Video
17. Shakira - Don't Bother
18. Leona Lewis - Better in time
19. Laura Izibor - Carousel
20. Graffiti 6 - Stare Into the Sun

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