Whey / protein shakes, say what?

Since I started working out frequently in the gym, I really got interested in the relationship between the food you eat and the effect on your work-out. That is: pre-workout meals and post-workout meals. Along the way I somehow got introduced to the the world of protein/whey shakes. I knew protein shakes from the wholefood stores I visited, but that was a alley that I always skipped. When I walked through the store and saw those big shiney plastic containers all lined up (like these) and imagined bodybuilders (like these) buying and consuming them. I always thought it was used to get big, bigger, biggest. And honestly, as a woman I am not striving to end up looking like this. But hey, now I know better. I now learned that lot's of women use them too.

As I am not a dietitian or a professional I can't tell you anything about the technical stuff. I found an article though that explains everything step by step, click here (I can't guarantee the quality of this article). I am still doubting about buying it or not. On one hand I believe you can get enough protein out of your food, on the other hand I believe it might be a good supplement after lifting weights (and it might help that I saw some recipes in which people used protein powder to make these delicious looking pancakes).
I would love to hear your opinion. Do you use protein shakes or not? And what are your reasons to do so or not?


2 opmerkingen:

  1. Een vriendinnetje van mij is ook druk bezig met sporten in combinatie met eten. Zij zweert erbij. Zelf associeer ik het met opgepompte mannen haha en het lijkt me ook niet zo lekker, maar ik heb het nog nooit geprobeerd.. Ben wel benieuwd hoe het smaakt?

    1. Ja ik hoor/zie steeds meer vrouwen die het ook gebruiken. Je hebt ze volgens mij in verschillende smaken zoals aardbei, chocolade etc. Misschien dat ik een keer een proefpakketje bestel met 10 probeerzakjes. Daar kom ik dan later op terug!